We are a family establishment, born and raised in Mehmetalan on the skirts of Mount Ida with olive trees. We produce olive oil since 1985, using the traditional method of millstone. In time, we started a traditional yet sanitary method by integration of modern technology with our long-standing equipment. Today, the business is run by a third-generation family member with a university degree in olive farming.
We cultivate the olive fruits from our own trees located in the astonishingly beautiful skirts of Mount Ida, home to many thousanf fountains. Olives starting from a flower and growing into a fruit in almost a year are hand-collected by skimming and scratching. They are collected into linen bags without any contact with the ground and processed in 24 hours. Olive oil has been the significant agricultural product of the region for many hundred years and is unique among the oil from other regions with its oxidative-resistence typical to the hills.
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